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A Comic Curiosity

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The following may be of interest, gentle friends, especially if you are among the devotees of comic books (in which case you may be way ahead of me, but just in case):

Several comic book artists and writers have created works in which members of the (original) Shelley Circle figure as characters. I was aware of some of them. Of David Vandermeulen and Daniel Casenave, the author and artist responsible for "Romantica tome 1: Percy Shelley" and "Romantica tome 2: Mary Shelley", I knew nothing until yesterday.

Then I landed on an amusing Amazon review of the second volume by a M.René Perceur, which may be consulted in the original French here

He wrote it on January 7th, 2013. There is an English translation, by my inconsiderable self, posted over at m' journal st_irvyne. I provide pictures of the covers, with a small example of the art.

'Frankensteinia: The Frankenstein Blog' has no connection to me whatsoever, but it does have a review - in English - of the first volume, dated October 15, 2012, here.

Now, at the end of this informative post, I am ready to retire (to a sofa, not a bed, as it happens, and - I report with a measure of wistfulness - the arms not of La Morphise but of Morpheus).
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