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Incarnations of Immorality...

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My ethereal friends, be not offended (too much) by my tawdry play on words. I might have said "fanfic spill" or "Shelley slash" either - for reasons that will become clear to you, should you elect to follow the link I will provide below. Quite by accident I came across a review of a play by Darrah Teitel, "The Apology", and thought it might be of interest to at least some members of the Shelley Circle. I have been known to be dreadfully wrong. Why, only on Tuesday last... But in this instance I strongly suspect the ingredients of the substance offered here are sure to prove me right.

The review of this play, by Mr Louis Hobson, appeared in the Calgary Sun, in March of 2013. It may be perused here.

So, are we at the intersection of art and fanfic (or slash, if you will)? I suppose that if anyone knows whether Darrah Teitel ever authored any "RPF", that information would be welcome here. Is that mere prurience on my part? This seems a good moment to exit stage left, pursued by... Surely not a bear, let's say an Imp of Bad Conscience?
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